About Us

Propel Training is a training consultancy that provides training and quality solutions in the fields of hospitality and education, and to the corporates. We cater to the requirements of the institutions/companies that we work with, and customize the programs according to their requirements and standards.

We customize skill-building and leadership-training solutions for corporate companies to suit their competency requirements. The work-based programs assist candidates to hone their skills by implementing their learnings in their work. We also conduct team-building exercises which are, most often, tailor made to meet the requirements of the organization we work with.

We work with hotels in formulating their service design to ensure maximum guest satisfaction. We create standard operating procedure manuals and guide them in determining the hotels’ service standards. Our training programs encompass various levels of employees in hotels, with subjects ranging from skill training to finance, and leadership. Our Train-the-Trainer program prepares new trainers with critical training skills. Additionally, we assist our clients in conducting quality checks. We aim to create hoteliers in the true sense of the word.

We support hotel management institutions during their curriculum-framing process and provide customized workshops for their students to understand the finer details of the hospitality industry. We provide soft-skills and life-skills training to students, in various educational institutions. Our detailed programs aid the students to realize their potential, and build their confidence to reach their goals. Furthermore, we train the faculty in enhancing their presentation skills.